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Highly Educated Control Tower w/ Se Pillar

Highly Educated Control Tower w/ Se Pillar

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Control Tower w/Se Pillar

What does a perfect dab look like?

We think it looks something like this: When cooked, it will be spread so uniformly even that all will be left in your nail is a golden transparent film. Your nail will look more like a fumed tube of glass than the dirty nail you’ve become familiar with. There will be no puddle, there will be no char, no stains, nothing but the golden film. A film that is so easily wiped up that it’s satisfying just doing so. How can you obtain a perfect dab consistently? With the Highly Educated Control Tower and an IR thermometer its simple. Experience what a dab should be. Feel confident in getting everything out of it, without having to burn any of it. 

Each Control Tower comes with an SE Pillar, but does not come with any capping device. 


What's the recommended usage temperature?

This will be dependent on both load size and material type. For medium to smaller size loads, the recommended temperatures are 450F for solventless extracts and 550F for hydrocarbon extracts. This temperature is measured from the side of the chamber and not the dish. An uneven heating can result in different temperatures from the dish and chamber, and since most of the work is accomplished in the chamber that is our preferred measuring spot. 


How should I heat the Control Tower?

Apply the flame to both the dish and the chamber with the SE Pillar inside the Control Tower. Keep the flame moving from both side to side as well as top to bottom. Heat the item up evenly and past the recommended usage temp. It is important that the SE Pillar is brought to temperature. Once you feel confident the item is past the recommended usage temperature and that the heat is distributed evenly, you may stop heating the tower. 



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